About Us

Dale Properties established Stonehenge USA to add value to its more than 1,200 acres of prime real estate in the Twin Cites metro area. The business was started by William Dale in the 1960's. Mr. Dale invested in farmland along the Twin Cities interstate corridors. His son, Alan Dale, now managing his family's land holdings, presently runs Stonehenge USA and Dale Properties.

Guiding Principles

QualityCreate signature developments that create value for Dale Properties, Stonehenge USA and our community partners.
PerformanceWe've assembled a team of top industry talent with a strong record of successful Twin Cities developments.
ResponsiveWe are customer and market driven and relentless about the details with an eye on the big picture.
CommitmentDale Properties and Stonehenge USA want to own and manage our developments to create lasting relationships with our business partners and the communities in which we operate.
ResponsibilityWe are committed to doing business in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.